Liste non-exhaustive des labels et distros dans le monde

germany, german flag, flag-7895827.jpgAllemagne

Empty Shells Records – Kaiserslautern
Farewell Records
Final War Records
Side 2 Side Records – Düsseldorf
STTW Records – Offenbach

argentina, flag, national flag-162229.jpgArgentine

Oath Records – Buenos Aires

australia, flag, country-153732.jpgAustralie

Burning Hammer Records – Brisbane
Last Ride Records – Newcastle
Life Lair Regret Records – Melbourne
New Ethic Records – Melbourne
Set The Fire Records

belgium, flag, national flag-162240.jpgBelgique

Death Farm Records – Liège
Warriors Records

flag, country, canada-1040547.jpgCanada

Demolition Records – Winnipeg

south korea, flag, korea-2934220.jpgCorée du Sud

Townhall Records – Séoul

spain, flag, heraldry-2906824.jpgEspagne

Tambores De Guerra – Madrid

america, flag, star-6186740.jpgEtats-Unis

1054 Records
Armageddon Records – Tampa
Big Bite Records – San Francisco
Collyde Records – Columbus/Detroit
Convulse Records – Denver
Coreruption Records – San Antonio
Delayed Gratification Records – Ohio
DS//FP Records – Texas
Flatspot Records – Maryland
Force Of Reckoning – Caroline du Nord
Forever Ending Records – San Diego
Fortress Records – Floride du Sud
From Within Records
LDB – Kentucky
New Age Records – Californie
Revelation Records – Californie
Takedown Records – New Jersey
Triple B
Upstate Records – New York

french flag, flag, france-1053711.jpgFrance

Bustin Heads Records – Montpellier
Frozen Records – Nantes
Knives Out Records – Paris
Useless Pride Records – Toulouse

flag, indonesia, country-155928.jpgIndonésie

Disaster Records – Bandung
Gone Blind Records – Pekalongan
Hit And Burn Records – Solo
Madafaka Records – Medan
Mortal Blood Records – Semarang
No Match Records – Manado
Outta Sight – Solo
Pleasure Records – Bali
Set The Fire Records – Jakarta
Toropconz Records – Salatiga
United Stance Records – Samarinda

italy, flag, national flag-162326.jpgItalie

Epidemic Records – Brescia

malaysia, flag, symbol-26811.jpgMalaisie

Betrayed Records – Klang Valley
Get Money Records – Kuala Lampur
Into The Fray Records – Batu Pahat
RVDA Records – Kuala Lampur

philippines, flag, philippine-26794.jpgPhilippines

Still Ill Records – Manille

sweden, flag, country-154401.jpgSuède

Moral Panic Records – Göteborg

thailand, flag, thai-26813.jpgThaïlande

Holding On Records – Bangkok
Smoothie Records – Bangkok

union jack, british, flag-1027898.jpgUK

Conviction Records
Rucktion Records
The Coming Strife Records – Londres

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